2021-09-04 60 25

From Geohashing
Sat 4 Sep 2021 in Vantaa:
60.3326847, 25.1209803

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Farmland near the Keravanjoki in Sipoo



Leave Rautatientori on the 739 at 14:44; get off at Myyras then walk to the geohash. Will wait until after 4, then return to Myyras head towards Bierhaus Köln for a pint.


Other than a small amount of confusion about "zone extension" on the HSL app, everything went smoothly - the bus left promptly at 14:44. A number of other folks joined, talking excitedly about an adventure - but alas, they all got off at the same stop, half a kilometer short of Myyras.

I exited the bus and walked down the clearly marked road/path. Passed a few dog walkers and one cute puppy - sorry, no picture. This path eventually brought me to the next busy road to cross. Beyond that the trail was considerably less traveled.

I headed down this access road, unsure of how close to the field I could get. The overhead showed some trees - but I would not need to bushwack this time. The road led clearly down. At that point I found a convenient boulder and took a seat, in case somebody else was going to show up near 4.

Time expired, and nobody else did. I marched out into the field - harvested, but also full of some pretty big rocks. I reached 0.3m on the first attempt, then took a picture and came back to 1.8 meters. A geohash dance and a few pictures later and I settled for the Saturday public-transit completion.

Alas, I did not continue further west to see the river - though I did cross it later on. My original plan was to walk back to the bus and take it to the end of the route - a "K" train station I could take back to the city. The time on my zone extension expired, however, and it was a nice enough day. I decided to walk for 45 minutes to the train station instead.

I followed the map suggestion and backtracked to the second road, then south, then west. Interestingly, this new path I was on turned right past the field I was in. Had I known, I could have continued south (and slightly west) from the hashpoint to reach this spot.

The road and path combination led past several houses, with Saturday projects in progress, and also over the river and through the woods. Eventually I reached the train station. My final planned stop was Bierhaus Koln, a German-inspired pub in Helsinki, where I had an English beer and listened to a Seattle band.

Small world indeed!