2021-09-18 -38 146

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Sat 18 Sep 2021 in -38,146:
-38.0125316, 146.1221371
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A paddock on the side of a hill just outside Hill End


Mdixon4 (talk)


No grand story or narrative arc to this one. I thought it looked like a nice day for a ride, the geohash was achievable, so I headed off. Was a blustery day, so perhaps not the ideal conditions I had envisaged, but for the most part it didn't give me too much trouble.

Out along the Old Sale Road, climbing into Willow Grove, where I grabbed a surprisingly good coffee from the general store. Then, out to Hill End (a hall and an overgrown tennis court) where I swung onto a dead-end farm road, which wound around and over a ridge, with some wide views on either side - north towards the flanks of the Baw Baw Plateau, and south over the Latrobe Valley to the Strzeleckis beyond.

The hash was just off the road and through a very convenient gate into the paddock. As I neared the point, a fella in a 4WD pulled over to check if I was lost. No, I'm exactly where I need to be - but thanks.

With the wind now at my back, and help from gravity as well, it was a quick trip home.




mdixon4 earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling ~70km to and from the (-38, 146) geohash on 2021-09-18.
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