2021-10-02 51 9

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Sat 2 Oct 2021 in 51,9:
51.6187212, 9.4692477
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In a forest south of Helmarshausen




Drive to Helmarshausen by car and go for this hash in the forest... Seems to be steep terrain to the hash, but I will find out more about it tomorrow... There's some geocaches as well here, so I will combine my tour with seeking some geocaches as well...


Today was a good day for some walking in the woods, so I decided to go for the hash as well as some geocaches and left home at around 9:30 am - and arrived in the Reinhardswald some 75 minutes later. I parked my car, had a little breakfast and started with the geohash. Well, the terrain wasn't that steep as expected, but, the entire area seemed to be locked behind a fence. I walked around this wooded area, but all I saw was this fence - oh, does it mean that todays hash is unreachable?

Before even thinking about giving up, I came to a gate some minutes later and indeed, I could enter the area. Sort of silly... After finding the correct way to the hash, I somehow had to go through another gate - which didn't make sense, but I didn't bother, since the geohash was in reach now! After walking a few hundred meters, I approached the hash, and had to go off the path for only some 50 meters. The terrain was ok - sort of sandy with pretty big holes in it, so I had to be carefull, but reached the hash some minutes later...

Nothing spectacular to see here, some trees and one of them was the hash - I took some pics for proof and got as near as 0,312 meters haha - quite accurate this time! After doing the hash I went on for a nice walk through the Reinhardswald, found some 30 geocaches and had a hike of little over 15 kilometers in 4 hours. At around 4 pm I was home again and celebrated todays succesfull expedition!