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In a forest east of Rechtebach




Drive to Rechtebach by car after work and go for this hash in the forest...


Right after work, I drove to Rechtebach to go for todays hash - having some sort of a dejá-vù feeling, since I was in Rechtebach on september 15th already, to visit a geohash as well! Turned out that there were only 340 meters between the two hashes. The one in september was on a cornfield, this time I had to go little east of the small village to enter a forest to get to the hash...

Having checked the maps yesterday, I knew there wasn't a direct way leading me to the hash, so after parking my car I had to make a plan. I noticed an old trail, obviously still used by local farmers every now and then, which led me a little bit off the hash, but I followed it to the south and after a few hundred meters I could get across a meadow. Having crossed the meadow, I entered the forest and it turned out that there was another old path, leading me almost directly to today's geohash!

I had only to go off this path for some 25 meters and after the hasdance I got as near as less than one meter to the hash, which turned out to be an tree trunk... I made some pictures for proof and turned around to go the same way back to my car. So, this also was an easy one, still leading me to a place I'd never been before, keeping things excited!