2021-10-13 -38 146

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Wed 13 Oct 2021 in -38,146:
-38.1600415, 146.2312738
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A paddock just north of Moe.


Mdixon4 (talk)


My work introduced "Wellness Wednesdays" a few weeks ago. Basically, for the rest of 2021, no one is expected to turn up before noon on Wednesdays. What you do before noon is up to you, but ideally it would be something that keeps you well.

I believe geohashing qualifies.

This was an extremely achievable hash. Not far out of town in an unoccupied paddock, and an easy ride. The only tricky thing was working out how to cross an electrified and barbed-wire fence, but leaning a log over the top wire bent it down enough for me to stretch over without incident.

Thanks to Felix for stubbing this write-up with the following summary:

Matt noticed this geohash in the morning and went and got it during his 'Wellness Wednesday' workday.
It is not yet known which form of transport was used in attaining this hash (but presumably cycling).


Geohash 2021-10-13 -38 146 Matt.jpg 2021-10-13 -38 146 Proof.png


Mdixon4 earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 25 kms to and from the (-38, 146) geohash on 2021-10-13.
Geohash 2021-10-13 -38 146 Matt.jpg