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Sat 13 Nov 2021 in 51,9:
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In a forest south of Ziegenhagen




Drive to Ziegenhagen by car and do a walk through the forest... The geohash seems to be in the middle of nowhere, so I am excited what challenge is waiting for me!


Such are the geohashes that I like most: doing a medium hike (7,5 km today) with a demanding altitude (200 meters today), getting to a place in the middle of nowhere actually, search for the hash and enjoy nature and silence...

I parked my car in Ziegenhagen and walked to the hash from there. Knew this area from previous tours, mainly because of finding some geocaches here in the past. This time I had to go another way to reach the hash.

On my way, I found this sign, warning for a hunt today - but I didn't hear any gun shootings and besides, all the deerstands I passed were empty - no hunt today it seems, so I was lucky!

The terrain was pretty steep on the last few meters and no actual path was leading to the hash. So, I had to climb and climb and reached the hash finally. It wasn't easy to locate the hash - but in the end I had a good accuracy of some three meters, made some pics for proof and got on my way back to my car.

Nothing more to tell about today... Tomorrow there's another hash in my homezone - I'm looking forward to that one already!