2021-11-14 40 -4

From Geohashing

Sun 14 Nov 2021 in 40,-4:
40.2417586, -4.7375828

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In the wilds, 175 meters from a path, about 200 meters from a road, about 10 km from La Adrada.


Wingman (talk)



The location reads very similar to expedition 2021-08-15_40_-4, and indeed, it was only a kilometer further down the very same road. The geohash was closer to the road, so I was hoping it would be easy to access, after my last two expeditions were not successful.

However, yet again, I was stopped by a man made obstacle, only 175 meters from the geohash. It might have been possible to get over the fence, and in expedition 2021-08-15_40_-4 I had dared to squeeze through a fence, but that was in a quite remote area. Here, it was right next to a lavishly protected property. Therefore, in order to avoid any possible trouble, I turned around.

On the way back, just after one kilometer, I stopped where I had parked Wendy in expedition 2021-08-15_40_-4, put the Goldwing at the same spot, and took a photo. Déjà-vu.