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About me and geohashing

In my free time, I like to wrench and ride motorcycles. When I stumbled over geohashing in May 2021, it came in handy to trigger discovering new roads and places. It also resurrected my interest in photography, but I don't do any post processing any more, as I feel I spend enough time at the computer during my working hours.


2021-11-27 40 -4 L1040798.JPG

2021-11-27_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, 100 meters from the CM-9419, between Navalcarnero and Casarrubios del Monte.

2021-11-20 40 -3 20211120 112000.JPG

2021-11-20_40_-3 (Madrid, Spain): Right on the southward lane of the M-40 near Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Wingman and Lillifee earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (40, -3) geohash on 2021-11-20 at 105 km/h.
2021-11-14 40 -4 L1040790.JPG

2021-11-14_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, 175 meters from a path, about 200 meters from a road, about 10 km from La Adrada.

2021-11-06 40 -4 L1040782.JPG

2021-11-06_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds (a fenced part of the wilds), near El Escorial.

2021-10-26 40 -4 L1040766.JPG

2021-10-26_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, near Colmenar del Arroyo.

2021-10-23 40 -4 L1040763.JPG

2021-10-23_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In a harvested field (yet again), a few kilometers from Méntrida.

2021-10-12 40 -4 L1040734.JPG

2021-10-12_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): On a pasture area at the very scenic road between Cebreros and San Bartolomé de Pinares.

2021-10-08 40 -4 L1040703.JPG

2021-10-08_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): On a hunting ground near the M-501, between the exits Villamantilla and Villanueva de Perales.

2021-09-30 39 -4 L1040696a.JPG

2021-09-30_39_-4 (Toledo, Spain): By the side of the Canal de Castrejón near La Puebla de Montalbán.

2021-09-17 40 -4 L1040657.JPG

2021-09-17_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): Inaccessible, on a huge fenced property near Rozas de Puerto Real.

2021-09-12 40 -4 L1040643.JPG

2021-09-12_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): Tough to reach, in a harvested field near Hormigos.

2021-09-04 40 -4 L1040588a.JPG

2021-09-04_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): Near the road between Villamanta and Villamantilla (yet again), very close to Villamantilla.

2021-08-28 40 -4 L1040556.JPG

2021-08-28_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): A few kilometers from the ESA Cebreros ground station (Deep Space Antenna 2).

2021-08-15 40 -4 L1040551.JPG

2021-08-15_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, about 200 meters from a path, about 2 km from a road, about 10 km from La Adrada.

2021-07-31 39 -3 L1040496.JPG

2021-07-31_39_-3 (Tomelloso, Spain): In a thistle field (yet agein), close to a not completed new development area (yet again), on the outskirts of Cabañas de la Sagra.

2021-07-26 40 -4 L1040459.JPG

2021-07-26_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, close to a path near Navas del Rey.

2021-07-18 40 -4 L1040428.JPG

2021-07-18_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In a stubble field next to the motorway A-5 near Los Cerralbos.

2021-07-17 40 -3 L1040423.JPG

2021-07-17_40_-3 (Madrid, Spain): In a backyard in the urbanización La Cabaña between Boadilla del Monte and Pozuelo de Alarcón.

2021-07-16 40 -4 L1040410.JPG

2021-07-16_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilds, near the road between Fresnedillas de la Oliva and Robledo de Chavela.

2021-07-10 40 -3 L1040379.JPG

2021-07-10_40_-3 (Madrid, Spain): Very close to a runway of the Airport Madrid Barajas.

2021-07-02 40 -4 L1040351.JPG

2021-07-02_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In the wilderness, near the road between Villamanta and Villamantilla.

2021-06-27 40 -3 L1040327.JPG

2021-06-27_40_-3 (Madrid, Spain): In the regional park Monte Dehesa de Marimartín near Navalcarnero.

2021-06-18 40 -3 L1040314.JPG

2021-06-18_40_-3 (Madrid, Spain): On a vacant lot across from a supermarket in Brunete.

2021-06-13 40 -4 L1040303.JPG

2021-06-13_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): In a grain field by the side of the road near Fuensalida.

2021-06-06 40 -4 L1040287.JPG

2021-06-06_40_-4 (Segovia, Spain): Nowhere, about 50 meters off a small road near Bartolomé de Pinares.

2021-05-29 40 -5 L1040280.JPG

2021-05-29_40_-5 (Salamanca, Spain): Close to a hiking base in the center of a regional park near Gredos.

2021-05-26 39 L1040272.jpg

2021-05-26_39_-4 (Toledo, Spain): Directly by the side of the road near Torrijos.

2021-05-22 39 -4 L1040270.JPG

2021-05-22_39_-4 (Toledo, Spain): In a hilly mixture of acres and wilderness near Bargas