2021-07-10 40 -3

From Geohashing

Sat 10 Jul 2021 in 40,-3:
40.4893738, -3.5441079

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Very close to a runway of the Airport Madrid Barajas.


Wingman (talk)



This one was really interesting. The geohash was very close to an airport runway. In fact, it was so close that I thought it cannot be possible that it is publicly accessible. However, studying maps closer, the geohash seemed to be at a public pathway (which later turned out to be a cattle route). So I decided to give it a try, hoping for some aircraft imagery.

The route was not very attractive from the motorcycling point of view. An almost one hour ride, mostly urban motorways, with supposedly considerable trafic. At least I could cruise with comfort on the old Goldwing. In fact, before I got into geohashing, I did not use the Goldwing a lot any more. I was prefering more “thrilling” bikes. However, many geohashes are further away than my average afternoon roundtrip gets, so I enjoy the comfort of the goldwing on longer rides. Moreover, it has a holder for the navigation system and can easily carry the photo equipment (Yes, I'm also old fashioned in this respect and enjoy the haptic of an SLR camera).

The cruise went well and I parked where the paved road ended. From there it was an easy 15 minutes walk to the geohash, which was directly at the path. A few meters from the geohash was the airport fence, so it was as close to the runway as one can get.

I took a couple of photos and rode camely home, satisfied with the yield.