2021-09-12 40 -4

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Sun 12 Sep 2021 in 40,-4:
40.0623308, -4.4600003

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Tough to reach, in a harvested field near Hormigos.


Wingman (talk)



This one did not look very interesting at first. With the exception of the last few kilometers, I knew the route well, had ridden it last time in expedition 2021-07-18_40_-4. The geohash was located in a field, probably harvested by this time of the year, and seemed to be publicly accessible. I could not locate a surely adequate parking place for the Goldwing on the Maps, but there seemed to be a couple of options, so I wanted to give it a try.

The 50 minutes ride was really nice on this sunny day, without meeting a single vehicle traveling in the same direction for more than half an hour. When I was almost there, I noticed that I had forgotten to take my mobile phone with me. I usually don't take the phone when I go out, as I'm happy with the smartwatch, but for geohashing I use the Geohash Droid to guide the final walk and take proof. In the navigation device mounted on the Goldwing, I had put the coordinates of my first parking place candidate, but not the geohash itself. Anyway, I rode on.

My first parking place candidate would have blocked the path to a house, so I looked for other options. I finally found one substantially further away from the geohash.

Having parked the bike, I tried to access the geohashing.site with my smartwatch and it worked perfectly well. I looked up the coordinates of the day and typed them in the navigation device. The smartwatch does even have its own navigation app, but the bigger device was more convenient. Because of the rather large distance to walk, I left the photo case with the telelens behind and took only the camera with the regular lens with me.

The walk was not only long, but also more adventures than expected. I had to cross three creeks. The problem with creeks is not water here (they only carry water when it's heavily raining), but the dangerously steep banks and the extremely dense and to a large part quite thorny vegetation. Nevertheless, I managed to fight my way to the geohash (and back), and in the end I was exhausted, dirty, scratched, and happy.