2022-01-02 40 -4

From Geohashing

Sun 2 Jan 2022 in 40,-4:
40.1186794, -4.1456915
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On a field near Camarena.


Wingman (talk)



Back in Spain from my Christmas visit in Germany, this was the first geohash of the new year. I left home to go for it at about 15:00.

It was not very far, just a three quarters of an hour motorcycle ride. I had traveled the route several times. In fact, the geohash was not far from a funny hill I had photographed in expedition 2021-06-13_40_-4.

The final part of the route was on an unpaved road, which I usually tried to avoid with the heavy Goldwing and rather park the bike and walk. However, when the paved road ended, it were still 3.3 km to go. Considering that it was already late afternoon and that the unpaved road didn't look too bad (at the beginning), I decided to proceed on the motorcycle.

However, some sections of the road were not so nice, with pronounced ruts. I rode slowly, but not too slowly to maintain stabilizing forces, carefully seeking my way in the second gear with 1200 rpm at 20 km/h. In the end, it went OK. If there ever was be a motocross competition for Goldwings, I would have some practice… 😜