2022-01-10 40 -4

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Mon 10 Jan 2022 in 40,-4:
40.2249027, -4.0832810
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On the other side of the motorway, on a field near Valmojado.


Wingman (talk)



I was eager to try something out and therefore I went on this expedition although it was a working day. I quit (home) office a bit earlier and departed at 16:20. This did not leave much time before dark and I should have known that some time reserve could be important for what I wanted to try.

So far, for all expeditions on which I went, I had in advance checked out the location of the geohash on the Maps, checking if it seemed to be accessible and looking for the best way to reach it. Now, how about going on a real mystery tour? Just enter the coordinates into the navigation device and follow the directions, without any idea where it may take you!

All I knew when I started was that it were 37 km to ride and should take about 40 minutes. It took me along roads I had traveled many times, last time on expedition 2022-01-02_40_-4, to Valmojado. There I had to cruise through the city and suddenly, just when I was passing a cemetery, the paved road ended.

The unpaved continuation of the road didn't look convenient for the heavy Goldwing, so I continued on foot. The remaining distance seemed barely to be manageable within my time constraints. Unfortunately, I couldn't continue far, because the navigation device had given me an impassable route. I didn't have some time reserve to search for alternatives, so I gave up.

Although this first mystery tour was not successful in reaching the geohash, it was successful in the sense that it was quite an exiting expedition. I will definitely try it again. Maybe the mystery tour would make up a nice category or even an achievement.