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This user earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] at the maximum legal speed.

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The Speed Racer Achievement is available only when the geohash falls on a drivable road. The achievement can be claimed when, if it is safe to do so, you drive through the geohash at the maximum (legal) speed on the correct day. Satisfactory proof will probably consist of a photo of yourself near the location, preferably with your vehicle. Note that taking pictures while driving is dangerous and not recommended, so it helps to bring a friend.


The following Geohashers claim to have won this award and to have supplied proof.

Without proof:

  • Jonathan, here but didn't take a picture while driving because safety
  • Jacob, here but no proof, and also not at 4 PM. :-)
  • Bill, also here and also no proof, but at 4PM. ;-)
  • Geekthras, here, with about a dozen others.
    • Matt, at the same hash but separate from the group.
  • Alex and Chris, here, but mention must be made that the street had no posted speed limit signs on the way to or from the hash.
  • Yvh11a ran over a q-tip while achieving this award
  • Jevanyn was on his way to a birthday party, so he couldn't stop for the geohash on 2008-12-06.
  • Anthony wasn't driving as fast as the speed limit here, because it's awfully hard to get up to 50mph that close to the corner.
  • Dtobias doesn't suppose the blurry and poorly-lit pictures here are sufficient proof. For another instance, how about this?
  • DJHobby, Erik, and Kira all failed to get proof, but you can trust us!
  • Sara and her husband did it here but didn't get good pictures.
  • Anthony passed through 2010-11-03 37 -122, and posted the KML file, but didn't get a picture.
  • Rincewind thinks the tracklogs are just a waste of time and proof is overrated, because nobody but yourself is interested in your achievements anyway, so you'd be mainly cheating yourself. He raced through 2011-02-12 50 8 because it was too easy not to.
  • Dtobias was by himself at 2013-08-15 26 -80 and didn't do anything so reckless as try to take pictures while driving.