2011-02-12 50 8

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Sat 12 Feb 2011 in 50,8:
50.0531848, 8.7556070
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Neu-Isenburg/Gravenbruch. According to Google Maps, just a few meters off the main road, almost directly on a small forest aisle.



Get there, spontaneously.


Since it didn't work ot going geohashing with my schedule, I had given up on this one, until Yakamoz and me realized she needed a photo frame and I wanted to buy my mother a new bathrobe, which of course was an absolutely logical reason to drive 45km to Ikea at 19:45 on a Saturday and since that was 2/3 of the way to the hash anyway, go hashing after all. So we went to Ikea, bought just what we came for and nothing more (!!) and drove to Neu-Isenburg. I knew the crossroads near the forest aisle and so we went there without gps assistance. Some dozen meters before the crossroads, I saw that path into the forest and rather harshly stopped the car. I turned the gps thingy on and... 2m to target?! We actually stood right on it, it was not in the forest, but on the street! So I carefully jogged a couple of times over the road (a "Bundesstraße", busy also at this time) and tried getting a good screenshot. Given the opportunity, I then crossed the crossroads and turned at the next opportunity, thinking of the speedracer Achievement. When the lights went green I hit the gas to get to the legal speed (70 km/h at this point) and then cruised on. Some complaints were heard about the acceleration and some things held to loosely flew about the hashcar. :-D

We then returned home where I was deliciously fed after hash hunting.

Since the coordinates jumped about wildly while walking over that federal road, I don't have decent screenshots at all, so I'm just posting one of the "almost there"-shots.


Of course I forgot to take a screenshot of the coordinates/satellite fix, again. :(


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