2022-01-06 40 -3

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Thu 6 Jan 2022 in 40,-3:
40.2303124, -3.5469195
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Near the remains of an abandoned bridge close to San Martín de la Vega.


Wingman (talk)



The geohash appeared to be easily accessible by the side of the road. First, looking on large scale on the Maps, I was hoping for another opportunity for a Speed racer achievement, like in expedition 2021-11-20_40_-3, but it was actually off the road.

The location looked particularly interesting because it was close to the remains of an abandoned bride. The bridge was marked as a recreation area on the Maps, but the Street View indicated signs prohibiting to go there. So, I wanted to explore this.

The geohash was southeast of Madrid, so almost on the opposite side of my home base. Making use of the ring highway M-50, it were 74 km of mostly straight four lane roads, not very tempting from the motorcycling point of view. However, it turned out to be a bit special on that day.

It was on “Holy Three Kings”, and this is a very important holiday in Spain. Children get there gifts that day and not on Christmas. While on almost all public holidays most supermarkets are open, on “Holy Three Kings” really everything is closed. Thus, there was very little traffic, the usually busy four lane roads were somewhat deserted. So, set the cruise control at 110 km/h and let the Wing fly.

Such laid back highway cruising is really the domain of the Goldwing. It was so little traffic that I rode almost completely under cruise control, with only a few short interruptions when changing from one highway to the other.

The geohash turned out to be indeed easy to reach and the bridge offered opportunities to take photos. Though, not sure if I would have called this a recreation area, but it was a nice expedition anyway.

GeorgDerReisende (talk) found some comprehensive information about the bridge: