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On a meadow south of Wickenrode




Drive to Wickenrode by car and do a walk to the geohash.


Todays geohash was an easy one. I drove to Wickenrode and parked my car somewhere in the village and walked some 1,7 km to the hash. The final 80 meters got off the official path, and I entered a rather swampy meadow and could locate the geohash within only a few seconds! On my way back I enjoyed some nice views on Wickenrode and even had the idea to hide a geocache not far away from todays hash - there was a nice little place, with two banks and a great panoramic view from there, so, to attract others to come and visit this place, I did hide a geocache here, hehe...

After this geohash I did another hike through the woods in Helsa, searched and found some geocaches and enjoyed the weather and loneliness...