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Mon 15 Nov 2021 in -37,144:
-37.6768703, 144.9365333

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On a nature strip, between the suburbs of Dallas and Broadmeadows.



The first step is the pub. All good geohashings need a proper start and there can be no better start than that of a nice beer at a pub. That's how the four of us, Lachie, Matt, Steve and I began this one.

Of course, bikes are essential. We all had them, although not necessarily for geohashing, and also not necessarily right there with us. But the right people had the right bikes and those geohashing had them at the right place - namely, myself and Lachie.

Beer, bikes. What else? I guess a good route and a way along it. Those we had too - which Lachie had chosen. They were basked in the evening glow of the setting sun. A path that passed along next to the Upfield rail line before being spat off to the west where the hash was situated. A brisk ride along it with some interspersed chatting. That's the way of the hashward bike ride.

Of course, it is often considered a bonus to enjoy the luxury of a rail trail while riding to a geohash. Rail trails aren't just anywhere, you know. Unexpectedly, we had one here. A sign next to a decomposing, compacted earth abutment announced it to us. It was an old military line, servicing a barracks. Weeds and bushes were sprouting from its ill-kempt sides and the bridge was long gone.

Over many a past geohash it has been with some difficulty that the exact point has been reached. Maybe a scramble over a fence here, an scurry through some security gate there. Possibly some barbed wire is involved. It's always a pleasure when the geohash is right on a grassy nature-strip next to a quiet street. As was the case with this one.

The sun was just setting at this point but we had our specially-brought hash-beers with which to enjoy the spectacle. Of course we did our little hash-dance, squeezing the app's proximity to its smallest number. The declarations to our geohashing friends naturally followed - we were pleased with ourselves, after all.

One last effort - to reach home. It's always worth varying the route if this is a possibility, just to explore the area a little. The reader will evince no surprise to learn that this involved more dirt scrambling and not a little temporary fence maneuvering. All part of the geohashing experience, I can hear the reader say with a chuckle.

But has something been forgotten? Of course! The post hash pub. How can hashing satisfaction be fully realised without the beered-up debrief. And for this one, a reunion with our erstwhile hashing companion Matt, newly released from his choir duties, at a pub with his singing mates.

I for one returned home fully satisfied from my geohash outing and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone.




Lachie and Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 45 kms to and from the (-37, 144) geohash on 2021-11-15.
Geohash 2021-11-15 -37 144 07 At Hash.jpg