2021-12-26 50 8

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Sun 26 Dec 2021 in 50,8:
50.1075265, 8.7059686
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The hash lay on a field of steles. On the northern bank of the river Main and on the eastern side of the Deutschherrnbrücke, a railway bridge, in Frankfurt am Main.



  • X-Mas hash! Meet us at 4pm?

Rincewind, Yakamoz, TheOffspring -- Rincewind (talk) 17:55, 23 December 2021 (GMT+01:00)



I left home at 7:30 and took the Regionalexpress leaving Kasel-Wilhelmshöhe at 8:29 for Frankfurt. In Frankfurt I made a walk in the suburbs. Shortly after the depature I noticed that I had forgotten my preparation sheet on my desk. But I knew my targets by head. Around four o'clock I arrived the field of steles with the hash. I visited each stele with my GPS and later at home I could get proof that I was two times not more away from the hash as 1.3 meters. But I missed some people. Rincewind & Co. has announced themselves at hash o'clock but I was alone. I waited until 16:15, walking around the whole field and just at the moment when I wanted to leave the field, they arrived. Rincewind confirmed the coordinates and found them two meters outside the field. We talked a little, the we departed. I went to the next tram stop, traveled to the main station and with the Regionalexpress leaving Frankfurt at 17:19 I traveled home.

Rincewind, Yakamoz and TheOffspring

We already departed slightly late due to Rincewind sticking to some office stuff and TheOffspring needing the time offspring needs to depart... and then there was TONS of traffic. After a short extra lap we found suitable parking next to the park around the Main promenade and swiftly walked towards the hash coordinates, being well aware that Georg would most probably be waiting and close to giving up...
Fortunately he was still there and saw me waving, so we could at least exchange a greeting and a couple of words. I have to say, since CoViD this is all a bit awkward. :(
I did a hash dance but seem to have a bit of deviation to Georg's coordinates, my gadget was jumping wildly with the distance and direction. All within the GPS accuracy and on plain ground, anyway. After Georg left for his trip home, TheOffspring bruned off some excess energy running through the park and onto the playground, then we went home again, noting that this part of the Main promenade is indeed rather nice.
Quite an easily accessible hash, and apologies to GeorgDerReisende for keeping him waiting.




Rincewind, Yakamoz and TheOffspring


GeorgDerReisende, Yakamoz, Rincewind and TheOffspring earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting eachother at the (50, 8) geohash on 2021-12-26.