2022-01-10 51 10

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Mon 10 Jan 2022 in 51,10:
51.2249027, 10.0832810
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On a meadow south of Kella




Drive to Kella by car and do a little walk to the hash.


In the morning I drove to Kella and parked my car at the roadside. After getting out of the car, I noticed that there was a fence around the area where the hash was, so my first thought was that I would be unsuccesfull today. But, I decided to just walk along a path and follow the fence and, surprise, after only a few meters, the fence ended, so I would be able to reach the hash...

Approaching the hash at around 30 meters, the only problem was, that it was some 10 meters deeper than the path that I was on, and getting down there directly was no option really. So I continued my way along the path and after some 100 meters, there was a better and easier way to get down. From there I walked back the 100 meters, on a meadow which is most probably closed in spring and summer, to have some cows or horses on it, but today the gate was open and since no one was around, I gave it a try and reached the hash only 1 minute later...

As usual, I took some evidence, turned around and walked the way back to my car. An easy one today!