2022-01-13 42 -71

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Thu 13 Jan 2022 in 42,-71:
42.3245506, -71.2627511
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By the side of a school in Wellesley, Massachusetts.




After a long day of doing nothing much at all while working from home, it occurred to me around 5:00 pm that I hadn't checked that day's geohash coordinates yet, which I usually do around when they post at 9:30. Once I checked, I was stunned: not only was it a 20 minute drive from my apartment, but it was in a spot I was almost positive I could physically reach. I hadn't recorded a successful expedition in months, and this was the perfect opportunity to get back on the horse. My only worry was that since the spot was right up against a school, someone may not take kindly to a stranger wandering around the building looking suspicious. I guess going at night after school was out actually worked to my advantage, but I was still a little worried.

On the drive there, I passed a hill where people were skiing, except it was literally a slight mound in a field that people had converted into a slope. You would probably get three seconds of going downhill before having to walk all the way up again. People in Boston must be pretty desperate. The parking lot of the school was empty when I showed up except for one car. One guy was standing around minding his own business, so at least I wouldn't be the only suspicious one. Luckily, the spot itself was unobstructed by anything except some snow. It might have been the easiest geohash I've ever done, because Google Maps made it abundantly clear that walking on the side of the main entrance would put you on top of the hash. I took some screenshots, made one quick pass over the spot, got back in my car, and congratulated myself on a job well done. My third successful expedition in Massachusetts is in the books.



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