2022-05-04 53 9

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Wed 4 May 2022 in 53,9:
53.7138005, 9.9068783
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on a flowery meadow in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein



Got an appointment in the afternoon and will go there either before or after.


Went there after the appointment – took the train to Quickborn Süd and then cycled the last 1.4 km to the hash in the sunshine. The hash lay on a meadow beside a major road and I was initially concerned because it was right next to a private house and garden, but there was nothing to worry about: The gate to the meadow stood open, and I couldn't see anybody in the garden. I walked 100 m onto the field, which was covered with dandelions – my first geohash among flowers, as far as I remember! I easily found the coordinates and took some photos of the yellow blossoms, trying to Baruch to balance on them (but he was too heavy). Sadly there were no bees, bumblebees, or butterflies.

I considered cycling back, but decided against it because I planned to go on a run later and didn't feel like doing both. So I cycled back to the station, where my train arrived late, giving me time to at last photograph a bee on another dandelion nearby.


will follow shortly (11 pictures)


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