2022-05-11 42 -78

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Wed 11 May 2022 in 42,-78:
42.9510660, -78.8757495
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In the city of Buffalo, in a plaza off Elmwood, behind a Restaurant Retail store



Saw this was going to be an easy one to get to and probably wouldn't even have to get out of the car. After work, I fed Myka and took Simon with me to the hash. Myka wasn't feeling well and hadn't eaten her breakfast, so I figured she wouldn't mind relaxing on the couch while we were adventuring.

As expected, no trouble finding our way to the hash-store and drove around the back of the building. Seeing the fence-line clear of obstructions, I tried to park right at the hash, but should have stopped when the dot was a little before the hashpoint as it kept moving a bit after I stopped. Reversing and getting a little closer to the fence, I was able to get a good reading on the HashDroid app before taking a couple pictures.

Heading back toward home, the plan was to take Simon for a walk around the Outer Harbor but I saw it was pretty packed on the way to the hash. On the way back, I remembered an old boat launch in a city park I used to take Simon to at lunchtime, when I still lived in the city and worked from home. It's been unused and the concrete slightly crumbling (but not unsafe, unless you trip over the exposed rebar) for the past couple decades. Driving through the park, the dog park was very busy, but I only saw one person hanging out at the ramp near the top so I figured it would be ok to walk by them and allow Simon to play in the water. Turns out they were a friend and volunteer with our Monday night Slow Roll Buffalo rides. So we chatted for a bit and then found a good piece of driftwood for Simon to chase in the water. The sun was getting close to setting and it was the perfect time to take some evening pictures and some really cool ones where he's shaking off the water with the sun behind him. We didn't stick around too long though, because Lake Erie is still pretty cold and he started shivering (but still wanting me to throw the stick, of course).

I then took him for a circuit of the park before heading back to the car and for home. All-in-all, a very nice evening out and about.



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