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on a field in Lentföhrden, Schleswig-Holstein



going there today after university


My bike was still not able to change gears after the hook that holds the bowden cable had ripped a few days previously, because the spare parts had not yet arrived. So I considered several options for this hash:

  • take my bike and cycle to the hash from the station – disadvantage: would have to cycle through Hamburg in first gear, but don't have time
  • walk the distance to the hash on foot – disadvantage: takes over an hour there and back again
  • leave my bike at Henstedt-Ulzburg station, pick it up and take the next train – disadvantage: would have to wait 20 or 40 minutes at the station
  • borrow my father's bike – disadvantage: has no mudguard, might get a lot of dirt into the gear mechanism
  • borrow my sister's bike – disadvantage: it's super uncomfortable.

I went for the last option and took the AKN to Nützen after university, cycling 2.6 km to the hash on a saddle that was hard as a brick. The geohash lay on a meadow of thigh-high grass beside the river Ohlau. I had to walk between two fields to the stream, where I fortunately located a bridge very nearby. I crossed it and scrambled 110 m through the tall grass to the hashpoint, where I took photos with Baruch. All was quiet, there was nobody around.

Back at the bike, I climbed a deteriorating perch, which squeaked so much that I was afraid it would collapse, but fortunately it did not. I still had a lot of time left because the trains only run very infrequently here, so I slowly cycled toward Lentföhrden station. On my way, I noticed an abandoned shed on the side of the road, which, naturally, I had to explore – I am a huge urban exploration enthusiast (though in this case I guess it's rural exploration) and get extremely excited about derelict places. I found a way across the low fence and had a look around and inside the shed, where there was still some furniture. Much rusty agricultural equipment was stored beside the shed or lay forsaken in the vegetation around it. I left when I needed to set off to catch my train, and made it to the station 3.3 km from the hash with time to spare.


will follow shortly (18 pictures)


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