2022-05-19 51 9

From Geohashing
Thu 19 May 2022 in 51,9:
51.1708467, 9.6887653
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In a forest south of Hessisch Lichtenau




I will visit this hash before going to work...


Before getting to work I drove through Hessisch Lichtenau and got on the road to Günsterode and parked my car straight near the path that would lead to the geohash directly. It was only a 2 km hike to reach todays hash, which was a tree-trunk, only some 3 meters off the path, so I had to climb a little bit to get to the exact coordinates and managed to record proof within less than two minutes. An easy one. Again.

Took some pics of the surrounding area, and then walked back to my car, arriving at work just at time... Nothing more to write actually...