2022-06-22 51 9

From Geohashing
Wed 22 Jun 2022 in 51,9:
51.1952858, 9.8090245
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On a meadow between Küchen and Hausen




I will visit this hash after work - will be a 'park and grab' sort of thing...


One week after my latest expedition, todays coordinates where simply too good to ignore. I took a little detour after work and parked the car 10 meters from the hash. All I had to do was cross the street, walk onto the meadow for maybe 4 meters and do a little hashdance. Took some pics with my mobile phone (didn't bring my camera with me today) and only a few minutes later I continued my way back home... Guess this was the fastest as well as the most effortless geohash I did since I started - not bad at all on a hot day like today!