2022-06-22 52 9

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Wed 22 Jun 2022 in 52,9:
52.1952858, 9.8090245
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This Geohash is located on the edge of a path in Barnten.



I cycled to the Messe/Laatzen station, took the train to Barnten and walked the rest of the distance. The path that the coordinates are on was unmarked on OSM, but marked on Google Maps. Usually OSM is more trustworthy when it comes to the existance of paths, but is is clearly visible in satellite images, so I figured I'd give it a try. Lo and behold, the path exists, even though it is a bit overgrown. I saw a bunch of blue, red and yellow dragonflies, but was only able to shoot bigfoot-quality photos of one of them.

When I got to the site of the Geohash, I noticed that someone must have been here before me, taking a step away from the path onto the field. A Ninja Geohasher or someone I already knew? Let's see if this page will be expanded. After recording proof, I returned to the train station to take the train back.




Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2022-06-22.
2022-06-22 52 9 04 Geohash.jpg
Fippe earned the OpenStreetMap achievement
by contributing to OpenStreetMap based on their expedition to the (52, 9) geohash on 2022-06-22.
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