2022-08-06 43 7

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Sat 6 Aug 2022 in 43,7:
43.6737517, 7.1933049
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On the path along the river, near the town hall's parking of Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Easy one ;-)



Wow, after a few months of checking the hashpoints of my graticule, mainly composed of sea and mountains, I saw one accessible. And it is only 5min walk from home. It will be my first expedition, and it will be easy!

So I created my account on Friday, and posted my planned expedition at the official meetup time: Saturday 4pm. I got a welcome message from Fippe on my talk page. Thanks :-)

So around 15:50 I started my expedition. I have been there many times, so nothing to do. I stopped on the supermarket along the way to buy a lemonade and some Swiss chocolates in the very unlikely case that I meet someone.

It was hot! A heatwave started more than one month ago. The pétanque fields usually busy on Saturday were empty.

I arrived at the geohash at 16:02, in the middle of the path. Finally I reached a hashpoint, I am a geohasher!

It was so hot! This nice sunny path is crowded in winter, but today is was empty, except from a few crazy people cycling during a heatwave.

I thought at the few people who cycled very fast thought the hashpoint without knowing. You fools!

I took the "Stupid Grind" picture together with the surroundings.

I put the poster next to the hash so that people passing by or future archaeologists will know that the Internet was here. while doing it, I noticed some litter on the floor, and a bin a few meters away, nice, an easy Geotrash.

I drank the lemonade and waited a few minutes to see if someone will come, or just walk by, but no one came, as expected.

So around 16:35 I walked back home. I crossed the town hall on the way back. this is a pretentious neoclassical building for a small town. Fun fact, the mayor who decided to build it was not re-elected, and so never used it.

I was back home a few minutes after.