2022-09-11 51 4

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Sun 11 Sep 2022 in 51,4:
51.9049599, 4.3843067
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Admiraal de Ruyterstraat, Schiedam, Zuid Holland province.



Today's hash seemed to be in a public place in an industrial area of Schiedam. Kat and I considered riding our bikes all the way there, but the weather was hot and sweaty so we didn't really want to do the full 15 km there and another 15 km back. So in the end we took the train to Schiedam, then rented a bike at the station and only rode the final 3 km or so. The hash was under a tree in a tiny park right next to one of the Damen shipyards. We took a few pictures and then went for a ride around Schiedam.



FelixTheCat (talk) and Kat earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 4) geohash on 2022-09-11 via Intercity train and OV-fiets.