2022-09-15 42 -78

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Thu 15 Sep 2022 in 42,-78:
42.8917824, -78.7545896
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Next to Union Road across the street from the Appletree Business Park



This wasn't too far away so I planned on going after work. A friend that lives between me and the hash had asked for help removing their air conditioner this week so I asked if today was a good day for that. Unfortunately, it was bad timing so I will help tomorrow (maybe/hopefully after another hash), but that gave me more time and I thought I could turn this into a Hash Collision (Honorable) with a cache just 0.3 miles/0.5 KM north of the hash. I also considered riding my bike, but it was 15 miles away and it's been getting dark earlier. I also haven't been living up to my username and this would have been the longest ride of the year for me, and I would be riding in the more dangerous dusk hours on very busy roads.

Directions there were pretty simple and I turned down Bink St right before the hash. I didn't want to park in the lot for the Business Park because then I'd have to cross Union which is pretty busy. I didn't see any No Parking signs on the left side of the street, so I turned around and pulled off closer to Union. It was then a simple matter of walking around the corner with the HashDroid app on and getting a good reading. I did have to go back and forth once, but it didn't take long. Getting a couple pictures, I then walked toward the multi-use trail to see if I could find the Cache. It was right around the corner from the Erie County Water Authority building/property and my thought was to walk through their parking lot to the trail, but as I was walking up, I could see a fence separating the lot from the path. So I guess I was going to have to cross Union after all and utilize the bridge at the start of the trail.

Walking up the ramp, I saw a biker coming in my direction, but then he disappeared right before the bridge and ended up going through the lot. So...I guess there was an opening after all. I'll use that on the way back so it's safer at least. Walking to the corner of the property, I knew the landmark for the cache, but I could not locate it. Most likely due to inexperience, but after going up and down the trail and poking around all the stuff, I had to give up. A slim hope was someone else walking by was also geocaching and could help, but no one did. Better luck next time, and at least I got in more of a walk than I would have otherwise.



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