2022-11-11 42 -78

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Fri 11 Nov 2022 in 42,-78:
42.4467954, -78.6772383
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Edge of Dutch Hill Rd in Ashford



With Veteran's Day being a holiday, I was off work and spent the morning cleaning up around the house because it was a gross day outside. I tried taking the dogs to the park at 09:00 to beat the rain, but the radar was delayed and it was already coming down pretty good when I opened the door. Instead, we turned around and I was moderately productive. I checked the hashes around lunchtime and initially, I didn't have any hope for this one as most of the land in the country is Posted (and it's currently hunting season). As I zoomed in though, I saw it was actually at the edge of the road and not too far away. I figured I could drive out in the afternoon and pick this up.

The weather forecast didn't have the rain stopping until overnight, so before it got too dark, I fed the dogs and headed out a little after 16:00. The rain never let up, but did get a little lighter as I drove by Springville and by the time I got to the hash, it was constant, but not heavy. Finding the giant driveway next to the hash (there was a sign on the road indicating a Bus Turnaround and I guess they just incorporated that into their driveway), I pulled off as best I could without falling into the ditch and hopped out. I ended up driving a little too far past the hash so I walked back over with the HashDroid app running. I was able to get a good reading and took a few pictures of the area before heading back to the car. With the rain, it was a very uneventful hash and I just drove back home.



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