2022-11-28 42 -96

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Mon 28 Nov 2022 in 42,-96:
42.5369400, -96.4934385
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In an industrial park in North Sioux City, South Dakota.



Bouyed by success at 2022-11-23 39 -108, and also for some other reasons, we took a train across Colorado and Nebraska to Omaha, and settled in for a few days. This particular day was slated as the one where we could let the hashpoints guide us, so our side trip ended up being a drive up to Sioux City on the Iowa side of the Missouri River, puttering a little bit around and in that small city, and then a drive back to Omaha on the Nebraska side.

The hashpoint was in a neat-as-a-pin industrial area of North Sioux City, across the Big Sioux River at the southeast tip of South Dakota, where there was a lot of agricultural processing and what-not going on. We parked maybe half a kilometer from the hashpoint and had a nice walk and look around. No troubles getting to the hashpoint, which was about as nice as you could reasonably expect a point on an industrial fence to be.

The day netted Mrs.5000 10 new counties in three states. Michael5000 saw three new counties and added 5.1 miles to his running mileage for Iowa, which rose 4 spots to 9th place in Michael5000 state running miles. But who's counting?



  • First Expedition to South Dakota (for both of us).
  • First known expedition in the Sioux City graticule (for anyone) since 2013.
  • First known expedition (for anyone) to Union County, South Dakota.