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Tue 3 Jan 2023 in 48,2:
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In the Port-Royal forest, in the Yvelines.


AmeliaThe1st (talk), and a friend from her university she kidnapped (with consent).


So, the plan was to leave our university after our exam, the take the RER (public transport train) line B up to Saint-Rémy-Les-Chevreuse or Courcelle-Sur-Yvette, then either take the bus up to the forest or go there on foot, eat there, then come back through either the bus or on foot, then to go back home with the RER line B.


So, we finished our exams at 11, then bought some food to eat once there, then we took the metro, reached the RER line B, then took it all the way to Courcelle-Sur-Yvette (it took about an hour, I think). Then, we walked up to the geohash. It was kinda hard to reach it exactly, because it was off the track through spiky bushes. But, we got there eventually. Took a picture and a few more to get a proof (didn't get a good proof, but it's "readable"). We got back on the path, and sat and ate on a log nearby. Then we went back on foot down to Saint-Rémy-Les-Chevreuse, took the RER and went home