2023-03-06 51 9

From Geohashing
Mon 6 Mar 2023 in 51,9:
51.1562407, 9.7492254
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In a forest north of Wickersrode




Drive to Wickersrode, park my car and walk to the hash.


Since I'm having late shift today, I had time enough this morning to drive some 10 km to Wickersrode and go for this easy hash. I parked my car little north of the town and had to walk only 100 meters to reach te hash area. It had been snowing over night, so everything was covered in white - looks so beautiful... I located the hash some 8 meters off the main path, just beside a little creek and the last three meters were pretty swampy, so I had to be careful to not sink into water kneedeep. But I managed to reach the exact hash location while remaining completely dry, so this mini expedition became a succesful one!