2023-03-07 47 8

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Tue 7 Mar 2023 in 47,8:
47.6335445, 8.9437915
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The hashpoint is located in a field near the very small village Gündelhart TG (Switzerland)

2023-03-07 47 8 Gündelhart.jpg




After Lunch in my free afternoon I will drive to Gündelhart and back as a tron. For this I take my Motorcycle the first time this year for a ride (like a TRON :-) I will be there at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. And I will visit there the former castle Gündelhart which is today a farm estate and also the nearby church.


It actually happened that i took my motorcycle out of the garage for the first time this year in the afternoon and got ready for a ride. I abandoned my plan to take different routes there and back when I got off the bike and hiked towards Geohash. So: the expedition was successful, but the TRON-plan failed...

I parked my motorcycle at the church in Gündelhart and continued on foot to Geohash. Once again the field was filled with liquid manure... after more than a month without precipitation it is supposed to start raining soon. After I took the photos, I went on to the former castle Gündelhart which is today a farm estate. A very beautiful and well-kept property.

After this visit I had to return to my bike and to drive back home.