2023-03-09 49 11

From Geohashing
Thu 9 Mar 2023 in 49,11:
49.6722163, 11.2652846
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In a field between Höfles and Hohenschwärz


Sp3pbn (talk)


This is ~10 km from my home so I could go there by bike. I hope that the weather forecast is correct and it stops raining in the late afternoon.


It stopped raining around 3pm and became quite okay afterwards. Had some minor task to do in Hiltpoltstein anyway, so I decided to bike there and visit the hash on the return route. I only left shortly before 6pm and enjoyed a nice 1 hr bike ride in total.

Visiting the hash on the way back wasn't the best choice as it was already pretty dark then. Nevertheless: I found the hash, took a quick screenshot and photo as proof.