2023-03-13 47 8

From Geohashing
Mon 13 Mar 2023 in 47,8:
47.4819404, 8.7144761
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2023-03-13 47 8 Final zoomed out.jpg


The Geohash is located in the forest of the Eschenberg near the town Winterthur.



from the coordinates published this weekend, today's was the only one i could tackle. Before work, i drove a detour as close to the geohash as possible. I was already familiar with the area, as there is a well-known recreation area nearby. so i parked my car somewhere nearby and made my way through the forest...

Most of the time not on paved paths I came to a children's forest playground. There i could also use a small improvised wooden bridge. Soon I reached the coordinates. The GPS here in the forest was not very good and i ran to the left and to the right to hit the target to some extent... The ground was overgrown with thorns. So I took my pictures and proofs and left the place how I came.

Because of the detour and the traffic i was a bit late for work. But what don't you do all for your hobby! :-)