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Tue 7 May 2024 in -32,115:
-32.0185824, 115.8002112
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In Troy Park, at the mouth of the Swan River, Perth.


  • Claire


Both Felix and John were alerted to today's gettable Freo hash - Felix had his app automatically alert go off and John just knew where to look. This told the two that the geohash was near their friend Clare, who had recently moved to the other side of the country in Fremantle.

Clare had expressed interest in continuing her geohashing career and was open to the idea of doing one near her new home, so this was the perfect opportunity. She would go after work.

But alas! Happily! she was invited to play in a volleyball game that night so the hash was off.

But Happily again! geohashing was still possible AFTER volleyball, as was pointed out to her by her egger-on.

So she somehow got to the geohash, arriving at about 8pm. She took a screenshot of her location and a video explaining her surroundings and then went home.

She arrived safely at home and did not get stabbed.

This was only the second geohash in this graticule, the first having been done way back in 2012.