2024-05-13 43 -124

From Geohashing
Mon 13 May 2024 in 43,-124:
43.3948827, -124.3071556
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On the North Spit of Coos Bay.



Having conducted some business in North Bend, I drove over the McCullough Bridge and then out across the causeway that leads to the North Spit area. On the map, it looked like a road would lead to within a hop, skip, and jump of the hashpoint, but I didn't really do my homework on that point -- that "road" is really just part of a network of dune trails, I think.

I parked at the end of Trans-Pacific Lane, about 1.7 kilometers from the hashpoint, and started into the trail network. I wanted to go pretty much straight west, though, and all of the trails wanted to go south by southwest, and I had a hard time making much progress. Finally, I decided to try for a straight shot through the forest, but that wasn't as easy as it look and I soon got pretty disoriented. At this point I had been walking for quite a while, so when I found the trail again, I decided to call it a day.

Then, naturally, I found a side trail I had missed before, and it turned out that, after another kilometer or so of walking, it got me to within a hop, skip, and jump of the hashpoint. And there I was!



  • First expedition to Coos County and the Coos Bay graticule since 2010.