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Thu 30 May 2024 in 50,8:
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In a swamp north of Dauernheim


Digiphono and his girlfriend


Drive to a nearby parking lot and do a little walk to reach the hash.


Todays hash was only a few kilometers from my new home, where I live with my new girlfriend since the beginning of this year. A perfect chance for me, to introduce her my silly hobby (she's acquainted with geocaching and we are out in the woods and nature alot, but she wasn't aware of geohashes) and to show her how it all works. So, we parked our car somewhere near the hash and did a nice walk over pretty wet paths, then a soaking wet field and some 80 meters before the geohash, we had to admit that we were facing an actual swamp - all we heard were frogs and birds - and that it would be a hard and especially wet challenge to reach the hash. Since this area was also declared as a natural reserve and many birds currently have offspring, we didn't want to disturb any longer and went back to the car...

So, no succesful expedition this time, but the little walk through nature was good enough for us and we'll be doing some other hashes for sure!