2024-06-08 51 5

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Sat 8 Jun 2024 in 51,5:
51.9411166, 5.1630293
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On the edge of a field near Culemborg, Gelderland province.


FelixTheCat (talk)


Today there was finally a hash again in a reasonable location. It was right on the edge of a farmer's field, but also on a public path known as a klompenpad (literally "clog path"), which is an unpaved path through a rural landscape. I had to go to an appointment in the afternoon and needed only a reasonable detour from that trip to reach the hash. I parked the hashmobile at a small car park nearby and walked the remaining bit. Clog paths are so named because they can be pretty muddy, and are therefore best traversed in traditional wooden shoes, but today's path was pretty solid and accessible with regular footwear. I found the point, took some pictures and then went back on the road.



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