2024-07-01 46 6

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Mon 1 Jul 2024 in 46,6:
46.5788974, 6.6654063
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Close to Chalet des Enfants, Bois de Benenté, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland




My holidays start today, and the location is in Lausanne (albeit outside of the city in the Jorat woods) - a perfect opportunity to resume geohashing after a long break (my last expedition was a water hash more than a year ago).

On the way there I paid a visit to the trees that we planted for our kids a few years ago.

Finding a way to get to the geohash location from Cugy proved to be difficult, a number of forest paths were closed due to logging work, but I eventually made it, and could ride my e-bike most of the way.


On the way... 
Nearly there... 
Today's location. 
Passing by Chalet des enfants on the way back. 
I used the expedition as an opportunity to contribute to the TTN coverage map