2024-07-03 51 7

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Wed 3 Jul 2024 in 51,7:
51.4591779, 7.0060062
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This Geohash is located in the Limberger Platz shopping mall in Essen.



The elevator's list of floors

In the afternoon, I walked to Osnabrück Central, took the train to Essen, the tram to Essen/Berliner Platz, which leads right into the Limberger Platz shopping mall.

The elevator lists eight floors, and I worked myself through them bottom-to-top, reaching the Geohash on four of them:

Arrow4.png TG: The sub-basement only contains the connection to the subway system and does not stretch east enough to cover the coordinates.

Arrow2.png UG: The basement contains all sorts of stores, including a Rewe supermarket which contains the coordinates. I located the coordinates next to a shelf of soft drinks, and recorded proof. What surprised me most was my relatively good GNSS reception.

Arrow4.png ZG: The semibasement does not cover the entire building, but only one of the entrances, and does not include the coordinates. I did not even notice this floor on my way from the basement to the ground floor.

Arrow4.png EG: The ground floor contains a variety of stores again. I though that the coordinates would be in Sport Vosswinkel, a store selling sports wear, but even at the westernmost part of the store I was too far east. Similarly, in the Zara clothing store to the west, I was too far west. The coordinates must have been in the emergency exit between the stores, which I could not access.

Arrow2.png OG: The second floor contains different stores again, including a Saturn electronics store, which contained the Geohash. I located the coordinates among some microwaves and refrigerators, and recorded proof.

Arrow2.png P1: The Saturn has an additional floor, stretching upwards into a floor otherwise used for parking. Among some TV screens, I located the coordinates and recorded proof. Afterwards, I left the store and went into the proper first parking floor, but of course could not reach the coordinates there since there was a wall behind which must have been the Saturn.

Arrow2.png P2: The second parking floor unsurprisingly contains lots of cars, among which I was able to locate the coordinates and record proof.

Arrow4.png P3: The third parking floor is the roof of the building, and besides parking space has some additional structures. One of those, possibly used for ventilarion, covers the coordinates, and since I did not find a way to climb on top or get inside, so I did not reach the coordinates at this level. I did however have a really nice view of Essen!

Afterwards, I left the mall, took the tram to Essen Central, the train to Osnabrück Central and walked back home.



Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 7) geohash on 2024-07-03.
2024-07-03 51 7 10 OG Geohash.jpg
Fippe earned the Level 4 Multiple elevations achievement (solo)
by reaching the (51, 7) geohash on 2024-07-03 at 4 different elevations.
2024-07-03 51 7 01 TG Floorplan.jpg
Fippe earned the Going deep geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 7) geohash on 2024-07-03.
2024-07-03 51 7 05 UG Rewe.jpg