Novomoskovsk, Russia

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Moscow Kolomna Yegor'yevsk
Tula Novomoskovsk Ryazan'
Kireyevsk Uzlovaya Skopin

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This graticule consists mostly of Moscow and Tula oblasts while also including smaller but considerable bit of Ryazan oblast (in short, oblast roughly corresponds to something between region and state if it helps).

Major amount of land falls into uninhabited regions that can be hard to reach, but small villages can be found in large quantities. For long range transportation, public transport such as trains and buses can be easily used, while depending on hash location car might be a better or worse option. Bicycles can help sometimes, but not all forest roads are suitable for them. OpenStreetMap have a pretty good coverage both of ways through forests and fields, public transport (for even better look at railroads OpenRailwayMap can help, and it can be added in OSMand) and cities.

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