Cardiff, United Kingdom

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This graticule covers the parts of the United Kingdom (UK) from 51° to 52° latitude, and from -4° to -3° longitude. It includes the cities of Cardiff and Swansea, and some of Newport, and almost all of the Brecon Beacons and Exmoor National Parks and the area commonly known as the South Wales valleys. About 20% of the graticule is the Bristol Channel, which splits it into the Wales and England halves.


Past activity

Local Geohashers

Status unknown

  • Satyr Resides in Cardiff, has one of those fancy cars, and can drive pretty much anywhere this side of the channel (or further if it looks *really* exciting).
  • Gez is from Cardiff, and just generally likes to get out of the house every weekend.
  • Marbo looks like Cardiff, owns a form of transport, and wants to go anywhere away from Satyr. Is willing to travel small distances if much rewards are promised.
  • ATMD lives in Swansea and hasn't done this before. He rides a motorbike. Next sunny Saturday...
  • BlueNovember lives in Swansea and has a bike and power-risers to geohash on. Word up, let's bounce.
  • Clart lives in Cwmbran and also has two wheels. Inactive graticule :(
  • Jayk lives in Llandovery and hasn't done this before but wants to someday to meet people and get exercise.


  • Homsar lives in Swansea and is cycle-enabled but not motorised.