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This user has visited an Easy Geohash
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] without really trying.

Use this template to put a ribbon on your page when your geohash is as Easy as Pi[e].

Note: Due to its subjective nature, you may claim this ribbon, if you can justify it with a good story.

There are no Olympic judges standing by as we reach our geohashes, so we have no objective means of comparing the triviality of one geohash against another. Take this achievement and add your expedition link if you think your geohash ranks with the ones listed as the easiest geohash ever done. Alternatively, take the ribbon and assign it to the easiest geohash you've ever done, amending as necessary.

What's Easy?

If the geohash was very close to your home or office, perhaps it qualifies for an honourable mention in the Couch Potato or Cubicle Geohash category. Perhaps it was on level terrain, or had an escalator going right to it, or was somewhere you were going anyway. You know what's easy for you.


2008-06-18: Thepiguy looked up the day's geohash location and discovered that he had already ridden through it on the way to work. All he had to do was go back and document it on the way home. I suppose the only way it could have been easier is if he had ridden through it on the way to pick up his lottery winnings.

2008-08-16 39 -74: Jevanyn would have to go way out of his way not to get this geohash, since he's driving down the Garden State Parkway that day anyway.

2009-05-25 -37 144: Felix Dance only had to walk 500m from his site during work hours, and only 100m from the route between his site and the construction office. He achieved the geohash during work hours. Re-achieved twice more with only 5m deviation from his later trip into town.

2009-05-25 -37 144: Stevage quasi-reached the same one (25m), *really* without trying. I'm on the tram on the way to work. "Oh yeah, today's geohash is somewhere around here isn't it. Oh, yeah, it's under THAT TREE. I should get out and claim it. Hrm. I'm already 3 hours late for work."

2009-06-07 48 9: Ekorren couldn't even avoid to reach that one. He was going by train to the Eibsee, and he was going to be there in time, so there was no other way than passing through the hash which was located right on the railway track of the Stuttgart-Ulm main line.

2009-08-30 34 -118: ryanb looked up Sunday's coordinates, and realized that they were located four blocks away from his house, on a street he visited almost every single day to get lunch. All he had to do was take a one-block detour and he was there.

2010-08-05 45 -122: Michael5000 had a work appointment that would have required him to drive the I84W to I5N ramp, even if the hashpoint hadn't have been there.

2017-01-03 55 37: Dunaril and Katu pass through an incredibly lucky geohash on their way to the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

2017-04-18 41 -88: RocketMac just happened to be on the COD campus for work the day that the hashpoint was on the COD campus that I used to attend in the 90s even thought I don't live here anymore!

2019-10-01 52 9: Fippe picked this one up on the way back home from a bar.