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This user earned the Graticule Hopper Achievement
by visiting hash points in 100 graticules. Wow.

This user earned the Half a Graticule Hopper Achievement
by visiting hash points in 51 graticules. Wow.

This achievement is a long term challenge to the mobile geohasher. To earn it, you must reach actual coordinates on their assigned days in one hundred different graticules. The graticules need not be adjacent nor visited in any particular order. Substitute Saturday meet-up locations do not count towards this achievement, but keep track of those separately for the XKCD Centurion achievememnt.


The usual proof must be provided for each geohash achieved, and geohashers claiming this award are advised to arrange links to one geohash in each graticule in a way that they can be easily verified and admired, perhaps on a User/Graticule Hopper subpage of your user page.


We definitely want to know if you've won this one, or are even approaching it, so please provide a link to your listing if you're in the running.

While we're waiting for any takers, feel free to use the ribbon on your user page once you reach 50 graticules: Using the count= parameter with any number between 50 and 99 will display it as "Half a Graticule Hopper Achievement".


As of 2023, five Geohashers have reached coordinates in over 50 graticules:

For a full list, see Graticule Hoppers.