Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The Halifax graticule is at latitude 44, longitude -63. It includes much of the HRM area, but unfortunately for those that do not have access to boats, also consists of a large amount of the Atlantic Ocean. A fantastical number of destinations will be located far from any roads. FAR from roads. Take your satellite phones, flints, and six days worth of KD rations.

Home of St. Mary's and Dalhousie universities, the city of lakes Dartmouth, Halifax international airport and the Halifax Citadel this is usually one of the first cities visited by people flying to the Maritimes. Especially during the summer when the buskers festival and the Atlantic Jazz Festival is in town.


There have been no valid geohashes on official xkcd meetup days.

64.29% of geohashes in the Halifax graticule have been over water, since the algorithm was posted. (updated 17 June 2008)

Expedition List

  1. Arrow4.png 2012-04-09 44 -63 — Way out in the water. — JoshuaThwarted
  2. Arrow4.png 2012-05-05 44 -63 — Mt. Uniacke Gold Mines. — Joshua Bearden, martha paynter, freyja paynter — Thwarted — Time constraints
  3. Arrow4.png 2012-05-12 44 -63 — On land near Halifax — Joshua BeardenThwarted


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