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The Phoenix East Valley graticule bisects Sky Harbor Airport on the western edge and the small town Top of the World along the US 60 on the eastern edge. Exploring the eastern and northern halves of this graticule will likely require a high clearance vehicle and significant cross-country hiking through potentially rugged terrain. The [Superstition Wilderness Area] and [Four Peaks Wilderness Area] in the east-central region are both restricted to motorized travel. The southern tip of the [Mazatzal Wilderness Area] is also located inside the graticule just east of Horseshoe Lake.

If you're following the letter of the law, there are significant areas of State Trust land requiring an Arizona state land use permit. They aren't expensive, but it does require a mail-in application or a trip to downtown Phoenix to get one. The Tonto National Forest requires a Tonto Pass to park in some areas, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep a blank one in your vehicle. They're available in most east valley sporting goods stores. Also use caution when accessing the various Indian Reservations located in this graticule. Laws vary from tribe to tribe and reservation police can be capricious about law enforcement.

Keep in mind the remote access, excessive heat, and poisonous wildlife involved with geohashing this region in the summer months. Take along plenty of water, a snake-bite kit, and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to be back. Don't rely on cellular reception.

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Today's Location: [Phoenix (East Valley), Arizona]

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2021-11-08 33 -111 Gabe is bringing it back, baby.

[Monday May 1st, 2012]: 2012-05-01_33_-111

[Friday April 27th, 2012]: 2012-04-27_33_-111

[Monday January 2nd, 2012]: 2012-01-02_33_-111

[Thursday June 26th, 2008]: 2008-06-26_33_-111

[Sunday June 8th, 2008]: East of the Florence Prison, again. It appears to be just off a road.

[Saturday June 7th, 2008]: Deep in the back of the Superstition Wilderness, again. Best of luck.

[Sunday June 1st, 2008]: Smack in the median of Elliot Road just west of McClintock (if the satellite images are to be believed. There looks to be several fast food joints in the vicinity.

[Saturday May 31th, 2008]: Alright. Something is going on, because the algorithm is now spitting out a different location than an hour ago. All the same warnings from the previous description apply, but now it's just north of Hawkview road, east of the Florence State Prison. Don't pick up hitchhikers. Old location: A good hike into the desert just north of the Florence-Kelvin highway. "Highway" is a charitable description. Last I was out there it's all dirt and crosses several sand-filled washes. Passenger cars proceed with caution. Forecast is for about 101º on Saturday, and 4pm is pretty much the worst part of the day to be out in the desert heat. Go prepared. With a high clearance vehicle, you maybe be able to get closer using one of the side-roads visible in the satellite imagery.

[May 30th, 2008]: The algorithm just moved this point to the mountains east of Punkin Center. Old location: Today is deep inside the Superstition Mountains. Best of luck to anyone who wants to try, but that's easily an overnight hiking trip in rugged wilderness.

[May 29th, 2008]: Hmm. 90 minutes of pavement driving getting around to the east side of the Superstition Wilderness, 10 miles of bad road and 2 miles of desert trails in 100º heat, all on a Thursday after work? I don't think so.

[Saturday May 24th, 2008]: 2008-05-24_33_-111


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