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Is it true that this user earned the {{{achievement}}}?
In principle, yes.
But {{{detail}}} ([[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}]]).

This ribbon exists to relieve the frustration felt by a user who considers that he or she should have earned a particular achievement but is thwarted by a technicality in the rules, lack of proof, or by having others say that the achievement does not apply. Sometimes, but not always this ribbon is taken as a form of protest.

It is named after a style of joke that asks a question, answers yes, and then adds enough contradictions that the answer really should have been no.


Here are some examples of thwarted achievements for which geohashers have chosen the Radio Yerevan ribbon.

If you take the Radio Yerevan for an achievement and someone tells you that the Radio Yerevan is not appropriate there, you can always Radio Yerevan the Radio Yerevan achievement.


None required, as it's a type of consolation prize, but the expedition report should contain an explanation of why the ribbon applies. Feel free to rant.