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This user earned the Restricted area achievement
by accessing the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash at a restricted site on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

Place this ribbon on your Expedition or user page.

You're not permitted in there, it's restricted! You'll be deactivated for sure.
C-3PO, Star Wars: A New Hope
Disclaimer: When any coordinates generated by the Geohashing algorithm fall within a dangerous area, are inaccessible, or would require illegal trespass, DO NOT attempt to reach them. Please research each potential location before attempting to access it. You are expected to use proper judgment in all cases and are solely responsible for your own actions. See more guidelines.

The "Restricted Area" achievement can be claimed when a Geohash falls within an area that requires a special badge or clearance (e.g. Area 51, The White House, Cape Canaveral) to which you just happen to have access.

Proof for the "Restricted Area" Achievement will ideally include a picture of the token, badge, key fob, or retinal scan that was used to gain access.

In the event that you access a Restricted Area without any authorization, it is probably best to leave this achievement unclaimed.


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